Super simple corner workbench anybody can make with basic tools.

The Woodturning Lathe – Your Main Tool In Every Woodturning Project

One important thing you have to provide so that wood turning becomes possible is a woodturning lathe. Lathes have become trendier as years passed by. Many people have discovered woodturning lathes that are more convenient and can absolutely provide high quality of finished product.

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Woodworking Ideas for Thanksgiving

With creative Intarsia woodworking technique you can learn how to cut and shape small pieces of various woods to form images. Show your appreciation at Thanksgiving by creating these figures from history, or pick the themes of cornucopia, acorns with fall leaves and many other designs. It is easy and enjoyable to create abundance for your home and garden with Intarsia patterns.

Used Woodworking Tools Are A Great Money Saver

You should be able to find used woodworking tools very easily if you consider the resources listed and are diligent to search for deals. Doing this will enable you to get to woodworking much faster and help you advance in your skills much quicker – it is much easier to work when you have all the tools you need.

You Can Begin Doing Woodworking Projects Right Now

You will find there are endless woodworking projects that you can make at your own pace and in your own time if you look for them. Many are looking for ways in which to have great looking furniture without spending an excessive amount of money. Creating your own furniture is a great way to do this, and to save a lot of money on every project you create.

The Best Woodworking Routers Are Worth The Search

Every woodworker comes to the point where he or she wants to look into woodworking routers. It is a mistake to view the routers as all being the same in design. There are a number of differences between manufacturers from the price to the features involved. You need to be aware of what the benefits are and what to look for when you are shopping for your router to have the best one.

Finished Intarsia Woodwork – How Much Can I Sell It For?

You’ve made a few attractive intarsia wooden art pieces, or some other woodworking masterpiece, and your friends and family are suitably impressed. Then they say, “These are great, you should sell them make some money”. Easier said than done, but this article will show you how to decide on a fair price for your work.

Lathe Techniques To Give Your Woodturning Project the Right Design Touch

The same as any craft, woodturning demands a strong foundation in the basics, knowing the wood properties, tools, techniques and most especially the right lathe techniques or considerations for your design. Improving this knowledge gives the woodturner the ability to express unique creativity in challenging ways, from the traditional to the modern style.

Five Questions You Need To Answer Before Selecting Bed Plans

Creating a bed is a time consuming and costly affair. You can reduce both by selecting proper bed plans that will help you build it with the least problems. But before you decide on the right set of plans, you must ask yourself five important questions.

How Do I Start Woodworking?

If one is not fortunate enough to have been exposed to woodworking through your parents, and you develop an interest in the craft later on, the challenge is – how do I get started? It is a simple question, but there is no single, correct answer.

Recycling Your Woodworking

Recycling wood parts when woodworking helps to conserve natural resources. Use a wood dowel or hardwood dowel to create a bird perch, key holder, and more.

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