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Get The Most From Your Sandpaper

OK you have just spent a lot of time sawing, fitting, and gluing your woodworking project and it is now time to make it look good. Today I’m going to try to cut through some pros and cons about orbital sanders and sandpaper, so lets get started.

Marking Tools: Gauges

Marking gauges are extremely useful for marking lines parallel to an edge with great accuracy, such as when you’re laying out joints to be cut. A marking gauge basically consists of four parts: a beam, a fence (or stock), a thumbscrew, and a marking pin.

Creating and Working From Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans are one of the most important tools to a woodworker. Whether you are a novice or a professional woodworker you are going to need access to a steady supply of woodworking plans. They are basically a recipe for creating new products out of wood.

Measuring Tools: Compasses

A compass is useful in the shop for laying out circles and arcs. The most common types are the bow compass and the wing compass. The bow compass is a drafting tool with a threaded shaft that runs between the legs held together with a spring on top. One leg holds a steel point, the other a pencil lead. The legs of a wing compass are hinged at the top or joined with a spring and forced open or closed by turning a knurled knob that attaches to a threaded post that spans the legs. One leg has a steel point and the other is often designed to hold a standard pencil.

How to Peel Logs for Log Furniture

Techniques and Styles of Peeling Logs for Log Furniture When making log furniture, the goal is to make a work of art. Regardless of what type of material you are using, the hand crafting is an art form. The art form comes from the type of wood used, the design used in creating the form of an hand crafted chair, and the finishing application of the log in both the bark peel and stain color.

How Does Having a Plan Help With a Woodworking Project

Having a plan in place to help you achieve a woodworking project really helps avoid mistakes and will save you a lot of time in having to start over. Frustration from having put something together backwards or cutting a board the wrong size. It really helps to have a well written designed plan for any given wood project.

Equipment Used in Making Handmade Pens

Although there are many methods of making a handmade pen, there are some commonalities on the types of equipment used. An artist that decides to make a pen has a plethora of choices from which to choose. Let’s look at the type of equipment that are regularly used when making a pen.

How to Build a Shed: Do’s and Don’ts

Do-it-yourself shed plans are absolutely essential if you plan to build your own shed. One thing that is impossible to do without when it comes to how to build a shed is an informative and easy-to-follow set of blueprints. The blueprints can be considered a sort of concise, short-hand form of the do-it-yourself shed plans, outlining everything you need to get your building underway.

Non-Traditional Materials for Making a Handmade Pen

When it comes to pens, most people think about the humble, disposable plastic pen. But, when it comes to a collector-grade, handcrafted pen, there are quite a few choices for selecting the material from which to make a pen. Some non-traditional materials for making pens include antler, horn, hard-surface materials, synthetic metals and stone.

Chicken Coop Plans – How To Choose The Right Chicken Coop Plan

Chicken coop plans are available for almost any space and size you may need them to conform to. There are many different options available to choose from and you should look for the plans that offer the features you may need to successfully keep and raise chickens. These may include features that make cleaning up after your chickens easier or those designed to offer the most protection from the elements during cold weather periods.

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