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Safety in Woodworking

From dowel rod joinery to staining, you must always put safety first. Use these common hazards to make sure you are prepared for anything.

Start Woodworking Today and You’ll Have a Great New Hobby!

Are you thinking about starting a new hobby? If you are, then take my advice and start woodworking! Nothing beats the pleasure you get from woodwork. Like anything, the longer you do it, the better you get at it. You’ll soon be making things you never dreamt possible!

All About Oaxaca Wood Carvings

One of the hottest new trends today in the world of investment grade art, is Oaxaca wood carvings. Delicately carved, sanded and painted sculptures made from the wood of the Copal tree that flourishes in the hillsides of the Oaxaca Valley of Southern Mexico.

Woodworking is Certainly a Delightful Pastime You Can Do at Home

Woodworking patterns are a good way to create things for yourself. If you have a minimal bit of persistence and dedication you can learn to do the majority of home projects on your own.

Woodwork Safety Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby that allows you to turn a black of wood into wooden masterpieces. To enjoy woodworking a hobby however, it is vital to follow a few basic safety procedures. These are nothing but common sense. Even if you are used to working with your tools, it’s just a good idea to think of these safety guidelines.

Woods For Woodworking

There are many types of woods that can be used by the woodworker. All types of timber will fall into one of three categories: man-made woods, softwoods and hardwoods. The most popular timbers are examined in this article.

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Woodworking Enthusiasts – Choose Your Medium

If woodcarving is your new found passion, there’s a wide world of options out there just waiting for enthusiasts like you to discover the artist within, allowing you to create simple or complex creations that can become family heirlooms, make you some extra cash, or simply bring you tremendous personal satisfaction. Here is a quick overview of different types of materials that make woodworking a delight for millions of enthusiasts just like you.

My Wood Working Plans and Woodwork Projects – How Do I Get Started?

Ever wanted to do word work as a hobby but don’t know how to get started? Are you stuck for ideas for your next wood work project?

Woodworking Project Plans

To have a good woodworking project plans is very important for your project. You will know you have a good project plan if it gives step by step instructions, diagrams and illustrations to guide you from the start to the end.

Woodworking Ideas to Further Enhance Your Skills

Making wood working as a hobby can be enjoyable, fun and challenging. So, whether you are a newbie or an experienced wood worker, be sure to have ideas overflowing in your mind to make the hobby even more fun to do.

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