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Picnic Table Plans – Building the Perfect Picnic Table for You

Many picnic plans have been ruined by the fact that there was no convenient seating. A picnic on the ground may seem romantic, but the bugs can ruin it. That is of course, until you realize that numerous types of plans are available to build your own picnic table.

Plans for Chairs – From Rollers to Rockers

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen while entertaining is discovering that you do not have enough seating available for guests. Whether you need a few extra chairs to pull out only when needed, or you desire a stylish and practical piece to add to your decor, you can find plans for chairs to accommodate. Chair plans can range from the very simple straight back chair with no arms, to a high back, decorative chair with arms, wheels, or even rockers.

Prove Your Creativity With Woodworking Projects

There are a lot of people, who combine their hands to perform woodworking and prove their creativity by placing them in a corner of their houses or placing them as a showpiece. The main idea here is that they want to have the experience of fulfillment by observing the self made show piece in their houses. When it comes to purchasing all the raw materials and collecting all the necessary items, they will turn around and may diverge from the thought of preparation.

Practical Birdhouse Designs Revealed

In this day and age of subdivision expansion we have seen the forests and wooded areas all over the country shrink. This has caused hardship for our little friends the birds to find good nesting areas. A majority of species of birds use hollowed out trees but with these now gone you can make a difference by building bird houses that are practical and will be used by your local birds. Understanding what type of bird house each species prefers in essential.

How to Mount Wood for Woodturning

Beginning woodturners are often confused as to how to mount wood on the wood lathe for safe turning. The process is different from that of most woodworking events in the shop where wood is advanced into the cutting blade as on a band saw, table saw or planer. At the wood lathe, the material is held by the machine and the cutting tools are advanced by hand. To achieve safety in holding the wood, mounting systems have been developed over the ages.

Woodturning: Bowl Blanks and the Chainsaw

One thing that bowl turners quickly learn is the high cost of bowl blanks and the limits on available sizes. While the answer is also quickly learned, namely cutting one’s own blanks, the question remains as to how to do so. That answer is generally found int he use of a chainsaw and in making a couple of cuts, one of which is seldom done except by woodturners.

Woodworking And The Wood Lathe: Finding Wood Turning Projects That Suit You

While the nature of the wood lathe forces roundness into virtually all woodturning projects, as with most other types of woodworking, it is easy to fall into the rut of making the same thing over and over with little variation. New projects are needed to break the cycle and generate new interest in the craft. Fortunately, these are extremely varied and easy to find.

Woodturners And The Band Saw: Getting A Good Start On Round

Woodturning is the art and craft of taking wood and making it round in decorative and utilitarian ways. In order to do this it is necessary to mount the wood onto the wood lathe. Preparation for doing so, particularly in faceplate work, can be greatly aided by the band saw.

The Other Woodturning Tools: More Than The Wood Lathe

When woodworkers begin tho think about taking up woodturning the first thing they consider is buying a lathe. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to woodturning tools. Of course the cutting tools themselves, gouges, chisels, parting tools and so on need to be gotten but so are a few other tools which can be considered necessary for the craft.

Metalworking Lathes In The Wood Shop: Woodturners Can Have It Both Ways

With the growing interest in metal working there has been an increase in the availability of both new and used metal lathes on the market. While the techniques of turning metal and wood are different, the machines are similar enough to open a new world of turning for the woodturner as well as give new directions for turners of metal as well.

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