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Woodworking From Home With Easy Woodworking Projects

Have you ever tried DIY woodwork plans? If you ever have, then you know it requires good woodwork planning.

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Toy Storage Plans – How to Build a Kids Toy Shed

What does your backyard look like? If you have small children or grandchildren then your backyard may look a lot like mine did when the kids were small.

Women In Woodworking

My husband is a serious woodworker… he’s actually a carpenter, by trade, who just loves spending hours out in the workshop involved in a continual parade of projects. Well, a couple of years ago (totally depressed and suffering the onset of the ‘Big M’) I was desperately looking for a way to ‘reconnect’ and ‘re-visit’ the early days of our marriage – you know – when we could barely be apart for more than the necessary hours of going to work! It just seemed that I had spent over half of my life busily looking after someone else – husband, kids, PTA, our aging parents – and then, all of a sudden, my husband was spending all of his spare time with a ‘mistress’… his woodwork shop!!

Woodworking And The Wood Lathe: Woodworkers Use The Tools They Have

When moving from flat style woodworking like cabinet work and jewelry boxes to round work like bowls and pens, it appears that all that is needed will be a wood lathe and a few cutting tools. While there are many wood turning tools that could be gotten over the years, there are many other tools that are needed in order to explore the world of wood turning. Thankfully, many of these tools are already owned by the typical woodworker as are the skills to use them.

Plans for Woodworkers

What seems to be a hobby complex at first, ends to have a long following for either pros and beginners. Woodworking has been a long-term monitoring between the authorities and beginners. Standard plans to Beginners usually start with more basic tasks and are generally smaller than their average rating degree undertakings.

Choosing A Wood Lathe: Remember The Budget

Buying a wood lathe sounds like a simple proposition. Check the budget, look at the lathes in the budget category, choose the one that seems good and away we go. However, like most things in life, it is not that simple. One of the more difficult things for the beginner or first time buyer, is knowing how to gauge the budget in the first place.

Choosing A Wood Lathe: What To Look For When Sturdy Counts

While it is obvious that wood lathes spin wood around, it is not always obvious to the first time buyer that spinning wood, if out of balance, vibrates tremendously. In addition, wood lathes may be asked to spin very heavy sections of wood and need to be able to withstand considerable force. There are a couple of simple things to look for to ensure that a lathe is sturdy enough for the work at hand.

Wood Lathe Safety: Getting the Woodturner Ready To Turn

Woodworking is a reasonably dangerous hobby or occupation. By that, I mean that a bit of reason does a lot to remove many dangers. Wood lathes are among the safest of woodworking stationary tools because, unlike table and band saws, instead of wood heading into a moving blade, a hand held blade is directed into the moving wood. However, it is still necessary to do some basic preparation in order to ensure safety at the wood lathe.

Creating a Dowel Pin

The uses of a wood dowel are numerous. Learn how to use a hardwood dowel to create wooden dowel pins for joinery.

Plans for Furniture – Custom Shelving

One of the most sought after custom built items are shelves. Perhaps this is because people have such varying needs for shelves. Whether a free standing book shelf, closet shelves, or shelves to cover an entire wall, there are plans for furniture to accommodate.

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