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Wood Turning Tools – Turning a Fruit Bowl

In article #1 we learned about different ways to make a square piece of wood round and how to center and glue a waste block to the turning block for the purpose of attaching a face plate to the fruit bowl turning blank. Article #2 will deal with the actual turning and hollowing out the project to make the fruit bowl. The face plate has been attached to the fruit bowl and attached to the lathe, you have checked for any looseness or movement between the your bowl bank and the face plate…

Making a Natural Edge Bowl

In this article we will make a bowl leaving the bark or the natural edge of the wood exposed on the edge of the bowl. We will talk about tools to use and various species of wood and mounting techniques, along with some desired results.

Amateur Desktop DIY CNC Machine for Home Use

Recently, among the craftsmen, it has become increasingly popular to use machines with CNC (computer numerical control) for use in household purposes. At the moment, almost everyone has a personal computer, desktop or laptop, which can help to control the execution of highly accurate and time-consuming routine work in the field of modeling, electronics, graphics, etc. Why Do We Need a Desktop DIY CNC Machine?

Making a Natural Edge Bowl, Article 4

Article 3 dealt with completing the rough turning of the Natural Edge Bowl; you have rough turned both the inside and the outside of the bowl and you are ready to dry the bowl. We will discuss several ways to dry the bowls also how to finish turning the bottom of the bowl and final sanding.

How You Can Use Custom Boxes for Good Presentation

Feel the excitement when “un-boxing” your latest mobile phone. Smell that rose-printed perfume packaging. Shake your birthday gift and guess what’s inside.

Steel and Wood Lathe Chisels

This article discusses a few types of steel that many wood lathe chisels are made from. There are many different types of steel alloys with a verity of hardness’ and strength.

Wood Lathes and Their Tools

This Article is talks about the evolution of wood lathes and the tools used with the modern lathes. Each of the tools have special uses depending on the shape and how they are sharpened.

So, You Want To Be A Wood Turner, Hey

This article will discuss the different options of tools and wood lathes. The options depend on couple things. What is your niche and what is your budget? Your choice of wood lathes and turning tools will depend on this.

Making a Natural Edge Bowl Article 3

Article 2 was about how to attach a wooden turning block to a wood lathe; turning and balancing the wood block. Begin creating a Natural Edge Bowl using green wood. In article 3 we will discuss hollowing out the inside of the bowl and Reverse Chucking techniques. We will discuss using Bowl Gouge, Round Nose Scraper, Four Jaw Scroll Chuck, Drill Chuck and Forstner Bit.

Turning A Fruit Bowl, Article 3

Article 2 discussed the wood turning project, securing your fruit bowl to the lathe, safety, proper tool use and where to locate information for tool use and different techniques. The side walls of the bowl and bottom are at the thickness that you want and you have made some allowance in the thickness for sanding the bowl. With all that work completed lets finish the bowl.

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